Your favourite green brand, Eco-Insulation, is the perfect retrofit option due to its unique method of installation and minimal impact on other building site activities. "This has made the company very accessible to housing developments where the company takes it's energy efficient, on time and on budget maxim very seriously”, says our general manager,  Richard Ellis.
Outstanding retrofit projects have included two very interesting national landmarks, Cape Town's Castle of Good Hope and the Steenberg Hotel and Spa complex – among the oldest buildings in South Africa.
In the case of the Castle, Eco-Insulation was pumped into place during the scheduled replacement of the entire roof over the admin block inside the Castle.

An earlier generation non-performing insulation was removed by Eco-Insulation's team, using the requisite personal protection equipment, and new product pumped into place. (See photos)

Workers equipped with PPE remove early generation insulation. At the Steenberg Hotel, a flat roof over the famous restaurant received the Eco-Insulation treatment – quickly and efficiently.

What is important about both these installations is the adaptable and non-invasive nature of the process. The installer's teams work alongside the roofing contractor to get the job done. In addition, the coverage is 100%, which is not always easy for other products and methods of installation that cannot access every nook and cranny of the roof.

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