Why use Eco-Insulation?

Why use Eco-Insulation?

Eco-Insulation is a highly effective and competitively priced natural ceiling insulation that aids to retain heat in winter and keep out heat in summer.

Eco-Insulation is manufactured from recycled newspaper and is treated with environmentally friendly fire retardants, it is odourless, non-allergenic, non-toxic, resistant to mould and is unfriendly to insects & rodents. Eco-Insulation’s product carries the necessary legislated building approvals and is fire rated.

Eco-Insulation is pneumatically pumped over the ceiling by our experienced, dedicated installation teams; our unique installation method ensures complete coverage of the ceiling area eliminating opportunity for air leakage to occur. Eco-Insulation enjoys an enviable reputation among homeowners and the built environment alike for its thermally efficient product and excellent service delivery.

Climate change is a major threat to humanity; the cost of electricity continues to rise and our need to save on energy and utility bills continues to grow.  To address these challenges, we all need to reduce our energy consumption and accelerate a move to sustainable, low-carbon lifestyles. Installing insulation in a building is an extremely positive step in cutting energy consumption and countering climate change.

Eco-Insulation, a leading and trusted South African company that up-cycles a common waste product into an effective thermal solution that has been helping home owners and business save energy every day for over twelve years. Our experts work with homeowners, builders, contractors and architects. No matter the size of the project we deliver and install a first-class product every time.