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Heat rises and escapes, and in an un-insulated home, a quarter of heat is lost through the roof.

The addition of insulation into a home, especially insulating your loft, attic or roof is possibly one of the fastest ways to reduce heat loss and reduce your heating and energy bills while helping to keep you and your family more comfortable.

It is a common fact that energy prices over the past few years have rapidly increased and it shows no sign of doing anything different in the future, so why not let Eco-Insulation give your property a no obligation survey to see if we can improve the energy efficiency of your property.

Whether you are renovating or building a new home, Eco-Insulation’s product offers you the perfect opportunity to add value to your investment while ensuring that your family has a comfortable and more heathy living environment with the very best mitigation of extremes of temperature and noise.

Illustration of areas of average heat loss in a residential home

The importance of home insulation

Were experts in home insulation; ceilings & floors. We give free advice and well as quotations and insulate over 10,000 homes annually across the Republic.

Insulation: comfort, health & energy efficiency all year around

To maintain comfortable conditions inside a house, without wasteful use of heating and cooling systems, your home insulation solution must keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

With Eco-Insulation’s cellulose fibre ceiling insulation in your home, not only can you save on your utility bills, you will also be able to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing environment for your family whatever the season outside,

When you insulate your home with Eco-Insulation, you can be sure of:

  • Keeping cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  • A quieter home
  • Savings on energy costs & utility bills
  • A fire-resistant barrier in your roof
  • Reduced allergens
  • A tested and certified product

So why use Eco-Insulation for your residential insulation needs? We make fitting insulation easier:

  • We visit you for a free assessment and no-obligation quotation
  • Turnkey, professional installation by a nationwide team of dedicated installers

Still not convinced? Why not read testimonials from our satisfied customers?

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Simply contact one of our dedicated installers listed for your area to arrange a site visit, once the site visit is concluded you will be forwarded a quotation and on acceptance an installation is scheduled. An average three bedroom home typically takes around three to four hours to install.

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There are many ways to save on your electricity bill, but few are as effective as installing ceiling insulation to improve energy efficiency in your home – it reduces heat penetration in summer and stops heat loss in winter.

Heat flow is a critical element in your energy usage. Heat naturally moves from warmer places to colder places. In winter, the heat produced by a fire or heater will move from the warm home interior into the unheated spaces of your roof, garage or directly to the outdoors. To moderate for this energy loss, you will need to keep your heating system on to attempt to make this energy effective in keeping your home’s temperature at a liveable constant. In summer, when the outside temperature is warmer than the interior of the home, heat will flow into your home making your air conditioner work harder to keep the house cool.

With the greatest amount of heat loss occurring through your ceiling, cellulose insulation is an effective solution at preventing thermal transfer. Cellulose insulation is very effective because it fills the roof cavity, sealing off the ceiling envelope; making your house cosier and more cost efficient as well as more comfortable and healthy for you and your family.

With Eskom and municipalities set on continued price hiking of electricity, saving power to save money is becoming more important every day.

Heat is expensive, so saving money by keeping the cold air out and the warm air in should be a priority for all South Africans. 

Eco-Insulation’s commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment does not end with the supplying of cellulose insulation which promotes energy efficiency. It originates with our manufacturing process.

Made from recycled newsprint and impregnated with internationally used environmentally-friendly fire retardant additives, Eco-Insulation is a genuine green insulation. It contains no toxic materials. With Eco-Insulation, you will not feel an irritable itch on your skin, nor is it detrimental to the respiratory system.

There are no synthetic materials used in our product or in our installation process, it is both quick and clean, with little disruption. Installation in an average three-bedroom home takes around three to four hours.

At Eco-Insulation, we believe in a methodology of environmentally conscious awareness and promoting sustainable building that aims to produce energy efficient & comfortable homes.