Commercial & industrial insulation

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The building sector is constantly innovating in its use of materials with regards to sustainability. There is a need to use cost effective, environmentally friendly materials and technologies which reduce the impact of a construction in relation to their use of non-renewable resources and energy consumption. Cellulose fibre insulation is an eco-friendly, thermal insulation material made from recycled paper fibres. It offers excellent thermal properties with a low embodied energy.

If you are looking to insulate a domestic housing project, industrial building or office space, Eco-Insulation offers an effective economical means to insulate irrespective of the size of the project.

With superior thermal and acoustical dampening properties and its ability to fill all the voids, you can rest assured that by using cellulose fibre insulation you will create a comfortable air tight building space.

Eco-Insulation’s cellulose fibre is versatile and ideally suited for difficult to insulate structures because it can quickly and easily be blown into irregular spaces to form a tight and continuous barrier sealing the ceiling envelope, potentially solving the toughest thermal or acoustical problems.

In applications in walls and floors, our cellulose fibre insulation can also be used to reduce sound in between noisy offices or between floors, creating a quieter and more productive and enjoyable environment. In addition to being an eco-friendly product, Eco-Insulation’s is specially treated with non-toxic fire resistant additives for added fire safety.