Who should use it?

Who uses our product?

  • Architects
  • Builders/developers
  • Building managers & energy efficiency professionals

Eco-Insulation – the smart solution for built environment professionals.

Architects, builders, developers and other built environment professionals can download a product brochure here


Whether you design homes, offices or commercial buildings, Eco-Insulation’s product delivers.

Increasing energy-efficiency building requirements are calling for greater levels of insulation, this naturally has implications for both new-build and retrofit projects and as an architect it is vital to have knowledge of the best insulation application techniques and materials available.

When it comes to cost effective and affordable insulation solutions, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more suitable material than cellulose. Cellulose not only provides great thermal and sound insulation per square metre, but it also gives you greater flexibility in designing your structures, as it can easily and quickly be blown into irregular spaces to form a tight and continuous, fire-resistant insulation barrier, which opens up more aesthetic possibilities for you as a designer.


With the advent of SANS 10400-XA, Energy Usage in Buildings regulation, it is ever more important that the insulation solution you select for your project meets the mandatory criteria as stipulated in the standard. Eco-Insulation’s cellulose fibre meets the legislated requirements, offering you peace of mind that your project complies in the aspect of insulation.

Eco-Insulation’s turnkey approach of both supplying and fitting the insulation simplifies the task of ensuring professional installation on your project. The insulation is delivered by our dedicated installation teams who then fit the insulation on your behalf, eliminating the need to create storage for insulation material on site where it would ordinarily use up space and create an opportunity for theft. Also, as there is no cut to fit, there is no wastage of material, ensuring you only pay for what is required.

Eco-Insulation has an excellent service reputation and we have extensive experience in supplying insulation into the built environment. “On time & on budget” is our motto, our efficient, full service solution offers one of the most cost-effective and affordable alternatives to meeting your project’s requirements.

Building managers & energy efficiency professionals

With ever increasing energy costs we at Eco-Insulation understand the goals of building managers & energy efficiency professionals to importantly reduce the energy profile of the building while at the same time providing a healthier and more comfortable and quieter environment for the occupants.

Whether you are planning to retrofit an existing building or in the process of design of a new building project, then you have with cellulose fibre a thermally efficient insulation solution which will aid in reducing heating and cooling costs, help in containing noise transfer and is non-allergenic and does not contain toxic materials. You also have comfort in the knowledge that Eco-Insulation’s product meets the necessary building regulatory standards, is certified and enjoys the appropriate fire approvals.

Installation is quickly and efficiently handled by our dedicated, capable installation teams.