We are Gapping it!

This is Pelican Park, near Zeekoievlei, Cape Town, where we were fortunate enough to be awarded with a contract to fit Eco-Insulation into a number of new Gap homes under construction.
Gap housing is best described as those residential units whose prices fall between those supplied by government and those delivered by the private sector. A perceived gap exists in the monthly income requirements for the prospective owner of between R3 500 for government housing and R15 000 for private. Theses levels of income are too little to enable them to participate in the private property market, yet too much to qualify for state assistance.
Eco-Insulation was contracted to install ceiling insulation to specification SANS 10400 XA Code of Practice.This means that product had to be pumped into the ceiling of each residential unit to a thickness of 135 mm. Each housing unit (pictured) which vary in size between 48m2 to 74m2 in area and are constructed in compliance with the SABS Energy Saving codes of practice.
Are you a housing developer? Just a word of advice. Beware of unscrupulous insulation sub-contractors who under-quote the good established brands and then recover their discounts by using less material - i.e. installing less insulation or insulation to a lower installed depth than that specified by the authorities.
Eco-Insulation is a proud holder of the Product Compliance Certificate issued by our industry association, Tiasa. In fact we were one of the first brands to receive this certification.
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