Developers and project managers in the various housing sectors are increasingly seeking one-stop solutions to meet the requirements of SANS 10400 XA regulations, ensure their projects are energy efficient and provide comfortable living space for the owners.

The regulations can however be confusing, so here's how it really works.
Insulate above the ceiling, under the floor or even inside the walls - to keep cool in summer, warm in winter and to save energy. 

For the property owner, means less electricity or gas usage and therefore real savings in your pocket. For the developer, it means total compliance with the specified R-value for the roof, under national building regulations. Because Eco-Insulation resists the flow of heat, less heat will be lost from the home or office in winter and less heat will enter the building during summer. As a form of energy, heat always flows to a cooler area, escaping out of the building in the winter and entering the building during summer. Eco-Insulation creates a thermal barrier that controls temperature all year round.

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